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Lesenswert in KW 41/2009

WSCC: Sammlung nützlicher Tools für den Admin

via Caschys Blog von caschy am 11.10.09

WSCC, das steht für Windows System Control Center und beherbergt die ultmative Schaltzentrale. Das ist keinesfalls übertrieben: die Software bündelt viele, bereits oft vorgestellte Programme aus dem Hause Nirsoft und den SysInternals von Microsoft. Noch besser, das Programm kann als portable Version heruntergeladen werden. Des Weiteren steht ein Updater bereit, mit dem ihr ganz einfach die Tools auf den aktuellen Stand bringen könnt.

WSCC - Windows System Control Center (Portable)


Autodesk Alias Design - From the Beginning

via The Gear Box am 08.10.09

We recently added a downloadable trial version of Autodesk Alias Design.  With this trial becoming available I thought it was important to create a video series on Autodesk Alias Design that focused on the foundations of using Autodesk Alias Design.  There will be mulitple lesson's that each have a set of supporting videos that help create a foundation for using the software.  I hope these videos help you in developing a solid foundation with Autodesk Alias Design.

Download Trial Link:


These first 3 videos focus on the interface of Autodesk Alias Design.

Lesson1 - Part 1 - This video focuses on what the interface looks like when you first install the software.  We will make some modifications to the interface to improve your initial user experience.


Analyze Interference Tips

via IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog von Mark Flayler am 08.10.09

Analyze Interference (Inspect Tab > Interference Panel in 2010; Tools menu in 2009) is perhaps one of the most commonly used commands at the end of the design process for Inventor models.  The command itself is pretty straight forward, but that doesn't mean I don't get questions from time to time on it.  So in this post we will look at a tip and some understanding of what the Analyze Interference command entails.

When the command is initiated, you are prompted for two sets to define interference between.  This is where our tip comes in.  The user does not need to pick two distinct sets for analysis.  Just start clicking away and then select okay.  No need for the second set button even though the arrow stays the menacing RED color.  Either way will still show you the interferences in your model.



Autodesk Magazin: Autodesk Magazin 03/09

via www.autodeskmagazin.de am 08.10.09

Visual Basic for Inventor and Performance

via Autodesk Manufacturing Northern Europe - Autodesk Inventor, Showcase, Molflow, Vault etc von noreply@blogger.com (Lieven Grauls) am 08.10.09

I picked this article up from Brian Ekins and found it particularly useful as I have noticed that a lot of customers are using embedded Visual Basic projects in there Inventor documents to automate certain tasks.
Brian Ekins gives advice how you should automate certain tasks so you don’t get performance issues but have maximum flexibility.
The problem is a resource issue with VBA. People were creating document projects that used automatic macros and were using these Inventor documents that contained these projects as their templates. That meant that every file they created had a VBA document project. When a large assembly is loaded all of the referenced documents are also loaded, and in the case of these documents also meant loading the embedded VBA projects. It turns out that VBA has a limit to the number of VBA projects that can be loaded.
There is also another problem that recently came up with document projects and 64 bit Inventor. His advice is: DO NOT USE document projects. The one exception to this is if you're writing a program that is very specific to a single document. For example if you have a part and write a specific program to work with only that part. In this case it's convenient to package the program with the document rather than worry about passing an additional file with it.
For the full article and advice how to program and automate Inventor go tp Brian's blog.

Autodesk - Digital Prototyping – Online-Seminar XI, XII und XIII – Autodesk Inventor 2010

via www.autodesk.de am 07.10.09

Im Online-Seminar „Produktkonfiguration mit iLogic“ erhalten Sie dazu kompetent und komprimiert Antwort. Sie erfahren, wie Sie mit iLogic Ihre Modelle um produktspezifische Konstruktionsregeln und Parameter erweitern und damit die Vorteile der parametrischen Konstruktion voll ausschöpfen.

Inventor – iFeatures provide a quick fix

via from Civil to Inventor von John Evans am 06.10.09

This weekend I was up to my neck in a problem with having to rebuild a fast and dirty project.  It was built for pretty only.  The problem was that a weekend build did not cover enough time to do the job right. Shortcuts lead to failures in Inventor.

I had constrained latches of a door in the door assembly, and then reversed my build and snapped the cut edges off the latch in the door part, and cut out the hole.  It was fast and I didn’t need solid build, just fast.  Hmmm, sounds familiar.  Don’t have time to do it right, but always have time to do it over….  And do it over you will.

I started the job with a skeleton containing the global resources, and the overall shell.  This worked like  champ.  Eventually as I began to run out of time, I started to cut corners.  Portions of the projected geometry began to fail for one reason or another (because of the shortcuts).  Everything was fine until I had to make a change.

So was tired of recreating my ‘shortcut’ doors, and decided to get a better shortcut.  The latch plate had to recut for each change.


Use the iFeature to reduce repetitive steps

Rather than create it for the third time (eventually even I learn from my mistakes), I created an iFeature.  This part however had no geometry and was just the solid model.  Fine.  I created a cut extrusion from sketched cut edges, an sent it out in all


Solid Body Patterning

via Autodesk MSD CAD applications tips and tricks from INCAT CAD Geeks von noreply@blogger.com (Tata Technologies CAD/PLM Geek) am 06.10.09

The solid bodies that can be created in a part model in 2010 have so much to offer. I have recently been visiting with a number of customers and keep finding new ways to take advantage of this great...
The Tata Technologies CAD geek team offers over 200 years of combined Autodesk product knowledge, with heavy focus on the Manufacturing product line. We're ready to answer your questions regarding product features, upgrading, moving to 3D, managing your product data better, and more


Official Autodesk Inventor Podcast Episode 38 - Hidden Shortcuts

via mfgcommunity.autodesk.com am 06.10.09

Autodesk Inventor 1:44 Bend Part

via The Gear Box am 06.10.09

It has been a little while since my last video post . So here it is. This time we are taking a look at the” bend part” command. This is definitely an underused feature, and I think that it really is captured here, how useful it can be Enjoy!

Tech: Build a CAD Workstation

via mCADForums.com - Only News Items am 06.10.09

Author: iDS!
Subject: Tech: Build a CAD Workstation
Topic Replies: 0
Judging by these latest memory issues revealed, you may want to consider the following information before building/purchasing that next CAD workstation!
"A two-and-a-half year study of DRAM on 10s of thousands Google servers found DIMM error rates are hundreds to thousands of times higher than thought — a mean of 3,751 correctable errors per DIMM per year. This is the world’s first large-scale study of RAM errors in the field. It looked at multiple vendors, DRAM densities and DRAM types including DDR1, DDR2 and FB-DIMM."
"You’d think that given the several decades of semiconductor DRAM usage that this study would be old news. I did.
Like most folks I accepted industry assurances that DRAM is reliable. My main machine today uses power-hungry fully-buffered ECC DIMMs.
But I was surprised when I checked out my memory section of “About this Mac” and discovered that 1 of my 6 2GB DIMMs was reporting correctable memory errors. Time to see if the “lifetime” warranty means anything.


Autodesk Inventor® Hardware Web Site - Graphics Database

via www.inventor-certified.com am 05.10.09

JW: Neue Grafikdatenbank vom 1.10.2009

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