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Lesenswert in KW 42 / 2009

How To... Delete the Lucene Indexes and Rebuild them

via Cracking the Vault von Richard Rankin am 19.10.09

Although the following was part of an earlier post, we have had a number of calls where we needed to give instructions on how to delete the Search Indexes and Rebuild them

Delete the Lucene Search Indexes

Delete this folder:- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\VaultServer\Indexes

Rebuild Search Indexes

ADMS Console. Tools>Actions, Rebuild Search Index

Background on "Rebuild Search Indexes"

This command can be useful if you are experiencing slow or incomplete searches within either Vault Explorer, Vault Manufacturings, Item Master, or even Inventors "Open From Vault". Search Indexes are created by a sub-routine that Vault uses to index the SQL Databases. They are used to avoid having to run complex SQL queries for commonly used actions such as listing items or folder navigation.

The indexes are located in the default location "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\VaultServer\Indexes".

They can rarely become corrupted resulting in Error 226 and then Error 227 ("An error has occurred while indexing information for search. See the server log for detail"). Also, when performance degradation occurs suddenly, one thing to try is to run this command.

When you run it, clients will see this message displayed at the top of their browser."The standard search results are incomplete because the property indexes are being created. Complete search results will be available once the file properties are fully indexed ."

How long it takes to complete will depend on the size of the database. the size of the database depends on how much information it contains and how often you run an SQL Maintenance plan.

Autodesk Alias Design - From the Beginning Lesson1 - Part 4

via The Gear Box am 14.10.09

This video covers creating a project directory structure in Autodesk Alias Design. By using a the proper directory structure your files are organized correctly and you are less likely to have missing file links as your project matures.


The user_data directory is created by Autodesk Alias Design and will be re-created if you delete it. If you store all your data in the user_data directory, then it will be easy to locate and organize using the Autodesk Alias Design file tools.

However, you may want to store your data on a network server, or a memory stick. This is no problem, but it is advised that you create your own user_data directory and keep the project structure the same underneath.


The idea of a Project is important because an AliasStudio model file may contain many different types of information, which reference each other, in particular images (pix) and geometry (wire).

Wire Directory

This is the directory you will use most of the time, and it is where you store your geometry files. However, a geometry file that is used for rendering or concept sketching will reference image files, which will be stored separately in the pix directory.

Pix Directory

The pix directory is where you will store images that you reference (texture files, sketches) AND images that you create (renderings).

The Concept of a Current Project

As you do more work in AliasStudio, you will have more and more projects. To make life easier for yourself, you can tell AliasStudio which one is your current project. This will then become the default for all your saving and filing. Most importantly though, it is where any crash files will be saved, so it is useful to know where to go and look for the saved data.

Current Project and Image File References

Another good reason for setting the Current Project is the pix directory of the current project will be the default location where AliasStudio looks for the image files.

New Project

The New Project button simply creates a directory with all the subdirectories. You will need to rename the project as it will be given the default name of ‘new_project’.

You can download the files used in Lesson 1 from this link:


Here is a tip card for you to reference as you are learning also:


Update to Visual Basic 6 Add-Ins and 64-Bit Windows

via Mod the Machine von Brian Ekins am 14.10.09

I recently made a post discussing the issues around Add-Ins written using Visual Basic 6 and 64-bit Windows.  I made the mistake of not testing it completely before making that post.  Everything in the original posting is correct but it’s incomplete because I hadn’t thought through the registration process.  I’ve update the original post to add more information to cover registering your Add-In on the 64-bit machine.

Drawing Automation

via Mod the Machine von Brian Ekins am 14.10.09

I gave a high-level presentation about automating drawings in Inventor at AU 2007.  The most useful information from that presentation is the sample programs, but apparently they aren’t available from the AU website since I’ve had a couple of requests for them recently.  Remember this is from a couple of years ago and Inventor now supports some things that it didn’t then.  Here’s a download that contains the original class handout plus all of the sample programs.

Inventor 2010: DWG-Version für die Nutzung in ältere AutoCAD Versionen voreinstellen

via Collaboration Blog von mcdbr am 16.10.09

Gestern war ich mal wieder unterwegs und hatte ein Meeting in dem es unter anderem um die Nutzung von  Inventor 2010 in einer Abteilung und der Nutzung von AutoCAD Mechanical 2009 in einer anderen, rein 2D arbeitenden, Abteilung ging. In diesem Fall absolut kein Problem, aber ich dachte mir, ich sollte nochmal darauf hinweisen, dass Sie die in Inventor erstellte Zeichnungsableitung auch in älteren Formaten abspeichern können.

Sollten Sie z.B. in einem Projekt arbeiten in dem vom Auftraggeber ein 2007 -DWG als Projektgrundlage für 2D gesetzt wurde, können Sie dieses Format im Inventor als Standardformat aktivieren.

Und so geht es:

Aktivieren Sie die Anwendungsoptionen und gehen auf das Register Zeichnung. Hier können Sie zum einen Einstellen ob Sie ipt oder DWG nutzen wollen bei der Zeichnungsableitung weiter unten können Sie dann auch einstellen welche DWG-Version erstellt werden soll.


Hotfix - Option buttons are grayed out when exporting as other format & slow browsing performance in OpenFromVault

via Autodesk RSS Feed von rss@autodesk.com (autodesk) am 12.10.09


Hotfix - Option buttons are grayed out when exporting as other format & slow browsing performance in OpenFromVault

FLEXnet Licensing Side-by-Side Hotfix

via Autodesk RSS Feed von rss@autodesk.com (autodesk) am 12.10.09


FLEXnet Licensing Hotfix

Inventor 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack

via IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog von Mark Flayler am 12.10.09

Subscription Image

One of my favorite times of the year is when Autodesk releases a Bonus Pack (now called Subscription Advantage Pack).  Last year AutoCAD had three of them and Inventor had one great one.  The best thing about these extra sets of tools is that they don't change the file scheme so they can be used alongside and collaborate with standard installs. The other known is that the tools will be in the next release of the software although most likely enhanced further.

PDF: Inventor_2010_Subscription_Advantage_Pack.pdf (use right click and Save Link As... for some Firefox users)

New to this release are a volley of enhancements but focus primarily around:

  • FEA and Simulation - UI enhancements, Material selection, and Reports
  • Drawing Manager - Blocks, Views, Annotations, and Model Refs
  • Fabrication & Architectural - Settings, Templates, and Symbols

Some of my favorite enhancments this time around are the Replace Model Reference in the drawings (solves this problem: link), the updated Simulation Browser, and Initial View Extents document settings.  Although the Fabrication and Architectural settings are also a nice improvement for the growing Autodesk Revit/Inventor user base.


Download the PDF and explore the enhancements.  If you are on subscription, get over to the site and download it today!  Autodesk Subscription Login:Subscription.autodesk.com.  If you are not your companies subscription manager or do not have a log in contact your sales contact or program manager to get the ball rolling.

Simulating Heat Transfer

via Autodesk MSD CAD applications tips and tricks from INCAT CAD Geeks von noreply@blogger.com (Tata Technologies CAD/PLM Geek) am 12.10.09

As some of you may have heard, Autodesk has recently acquired Algor FEA technology which further strengthens the simulation capabilities for its customers. One element of the Algor technology is the...
The Tata Technologies CAD geek team offers over 200 years of combined Autodesk product knowledge, with heavy focus on the Manufacturing product line. We're ready to answer your questions regarding product features, upgrading, moving to 3D, managing your product data better, and more

From Bland to Bold.....

via The Gear Box am 12.10.09

I was working on my Autodesk University 2009 class this weekend and I thought I would capture the over all flow of how I took a model with not alot of color and turned it into a nice bold image.

This model is available for download at this site:


I was also having a little fun with Adobe After Effects CS4

Autodesk University: iParts und iMates Online Training bei CADRelations

via Collaboration Blog von mcdbr am 12.10.09

iParts und iMates werfen immer wieder Fragen auf! Aus diesem Grunde haben wir von CADRelations die Autodesk University Session von Bill Fane zu diesem Thema in unsere AU-Videobibliothek integriert.

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