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Update 2 für Inventor 2014 Service Pack 1

Das Update 2 für Inventor 2014 mit SP1 war bereits mal verfügbar dann wieder weg und ist nun wieder da. Der Service Pack 1 muss vorher installiert werden. Das Update 1 ist im Update 2 enthalten.

Update 2 for Inventor 2014 Service Pack 1

Auszug aus der Readme zum Update 2:

  • After Style Migration Update needed in every assembly

  • Replace from Content Center triggers "server communication" error when Table View is enabled

  • Hebrew language is switching backward while printing and print preview

  • FEA Results incorrect compared to previous releases

  • Inventor settings are reset if no license available

  • Double Sketch when delete Assembly Feature

  • Content Center doesn't work with roaming profiles in Inventor 2014

  • Saving idw as dwg results in incorrect view placement

  • Unexpected exit when assembly views update after a component has been renamed, deleted, or network connection is lost

  • Unexpected exit while working in Content Center

  • Unexpected exit placing thread on a hole

  • Readme Update 1:

  • Impossible to use i-drop functionality

  • Ambient Shadows show through the transparent components when zooming within the assembly

  • Projected geometry is not in the correct position when Break View is applied

  • Properties are not updated by Frame Generator

  • Unable to insert view into Model Space after migrating Style to Inventor 2014

  • Online help not available when proxy server is used

  • Assembly can´t be opened from Productstream Professional if default view is deleted

  • Unexpected exit when an invalid path to document is set using Document.FullFileName

  • Unexpected exit when attempting to run macro

  • Unexpected exit when using Cut Across Bend

  • Unexpected exit when placing assembly with cache graphics and design views into a new assembly

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