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Lesenswert in KW 39/2009

Two More Blogs enter the Autodesk Blogosphere

via It is Alive in the Lab von Scott Sheppard am 25.09.09

Two new blogs launched this week:

  • Vault customization/development blog by Doug Redmond:


    It’s All Just Ones and Zeros

  • Northern Europe (German) geospatial blog by Matthias Liechti and Marcus Briglmeir:


    The Geospatial Navigator

Check them out.

For an alphabetical listing of Autodesk blogs, seehttp://labs.blogs.com/its_alive_in_the_lab/autodesk-blogs.html.

Go Beyond Sort and Scroll

via Autodesk MSD CAD applications tips and tricks from INCAT CAD Geeks von noreply@blogger.com (Tata Technologies CAD/PLM Geek) am 25.09.09

Most users within a Vaulted environment use the sort and scroll method to find files within a project folder. Using built in and custom Field Filters will allow easier access to the target files....
The Tata Technologies CAD geek team offers over 200 years of combined Autodesk product knowledge, with heavy focus on the Manufacturing product line. We're ready to answer your questions regarding product features, upgrading, moving to 3D, managing your product data better, and more

EnhanceMySe7en – kostenloses Tweaking-Tool

via Caschys Blog von caschy am 25.09.09

Gestern habe ich euch erklärt wie ihr ein kostenloses Vollbackup von Windows 7 erstellt – und heute zeige ich euch, warum ihr eben jenes Backup auf jeden Fall benötigt ;) . Spaß beiseite. Per Kontaktformular hat Gnolf auf das kostenloses Tweaking-Tool EnhanceMySe7en hingewiesen. Das Tool bietet wirklich jede Menge Einstellungsmöglichkeiten, sodass eigentlich kein Wunsch offen bleiben dürfte.


Das Tool liegt leider nur in englischer Sprache vor. Wer sich allerdings ein wenig mit PCs auskennt, der sollte auch so damit klar kommen. Wer keine Ahnung hat, der sollte eh die Finger von solchen Tools lassen. Ich habe ja früher in einer Firma gearbeitet, die PCs fertigte, reparierte usw. – Montags nach Erscheinen diverser Computer-Zeitschriften, die mal wieder “100 geile Windows-Tweaks, die sie garantiert noch nicht kannten” anboten, hatte ich immer am meisten zu tun ;)

Also: Backup machen. Darüber nachdenken was die einzelnen Funktionen bewirken können und Spaß haben.


Ich selber finde das Tool wirklich vernünftig. Jede Menge Einstellungsmöglichkeiten unter einer geordneten Haube.

Keyfacts: Infos über laufende Prozesse, Systeminfos, Services, Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Defragmentierer, Festplatten-Analyse, Autostart-Manager und und und. Wer alles wissen will, aber durch meine Beschreibung genau so schlau wie zuvor ist: einfach mal hier klicken. Dort gibt es 30 Screenshots aller Reiter des Programms :)

TechTracker Scans Your Computer for Outdated Software [Downloads]

via Lifehacker von Jason Fitzpatrick am 25.09.09

Windows: There's no reason to rely on individual applications to tell you when they need an update, when you've got a handy tool like TechTracker.

You'll need to create a free account or use Facebook connect to log in to CNet and download the TechTracker application. Once downloaded and installed finding the out of date applications on your system is as simple as running the application. TechTracker compares the software versions of your applications to the vast database of applications at Download.com and shows you a list of which applications need to be updated and a link to Download.com or the publisher's site where you can download the update.

You can also tell TechTracker to email you when a new version of an application you have comes out, so you'll get an email update before the next scan even takes place. TechTracker is freeware and works wherever Windows does.

TechTracker [via Digital Inspiration]

Troubleshooting Performance Problems on the Vault Server

via Cracking the Vault von Richard Rankin am 25.09.09

Whenever we are troubleshooting any performance problem on a Vault Server, one of the first things we can suggest is TS1073046.

This TS#  suggests running a script on the SQL database to Update Statistics on specific named Vault databases. So make sure that, if you run it, you enter the correct name of the Vault databases. It would not be of any benefit to run it against any Library database as these are optimised on installation and should be read-only. We have had some reports of this script not having any effect on performance only to find that the script had simply been cut and pasted from the web page without change the <VAULTNAME> value.

If this script does have a dramatic effect on the Servers performance, it is normally indicative of a poorly maintained system. It is not intended for this to replace the recommended Microsoft SQL Maintenance plan as descibed in the "Advanced Configuration Guide".

October Plugin of the Month: Clipboard Manager for AutoCAD Now Available

via It is Alive in the Lab von Scott Sheppard am 02.09.09

We have our second plug-in of the month. Following in the footsteps of the Offset in XRef plugin, this month we bring you the Clipboard Manager for AutoCAD. This plugin was written byMark Dubbelaar and edited by Kean Walmsley for publishing on hisThrough the Interface blog. The plugin can be used with AutoCAD to manage multiple clipboard entries, storing and renaming them for later use. Once loaded, the CLIPBOARD command displays the Clipboard Manager palette. When using Ctrl-C (or COPYCLIP) inside AutoCAD, this palette displays each new set of AutoCAD objects added to the clipboard.

You can download the plugin from the Autodesk Labs site:

For those who wish to download last month's plugin, the Offset in XRef plugin, you can find a download link to this plugin on the Plugin of the Month Updates page under the HISTORY section. As we add a new plugin to the main page each month, we will move the link to the previous plugin to that page. This way the main page features the plugin of the month, but you can still access all of the previous plugins if you need to. That's how we roll.

So please try out the Clipboard Manager for AutoCAD and let us know what you think at labs.plugins@autodesk.com. We're particularly keen on hearing about development of other plugins that were inspired by looking at the source code for the plugins we've supplied.

Keeping the plugin of the month train rolling is alive in the lab.

Attribute Utility

via Inventor Vault BLOG von Daniel Stockinger am 24.09.09

Der Zugriff auf Inventor Attribute wird mit dem Tool ermöglicht.

Hier der Link zum Beitrag

Hide or isolate objects in AutoCAD freeware

via JTB World Blog von info@jtbworld.com (Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World) am 24.09.09

I mentioned a few days ago that I wanted to release a freeware and here it is.

You can hide, isolate or unisolate selected objects with it.

It is free and without support and released as it is. It is a VBA program that you need to load with VBALOAD and then the form can be showed with VBARUN running IsolateHideObjects.dvb!Start.Isolate.
It can be called by AutoLISP like this:
(vl-vbarun "c:/temp/IsolateHideObjects.dvb!Start.Isolate")

Download here.
(notice the warning in the comments about the risk of saving a drawing without using UnIsolate so make sure to know about potential side effects)

For any questions please keep them as comment in this blog post.

How to Register your missing Add-Ins.

via Autodesk RSS Feed von rss@autodesk.com (autodesk) am 23.09.09


You have installed Inventor 2010 and certain Add-Ins are missing from the Add-In Manager. You want to know how to restore them.

AutoCAD and Other Autodesk Software Supported on Parallels

via Between the Lines von Shaan Hurley am 24.09.09

AutoCAD and OSX Now you can run AutoCAD and other Autodesk software on a Mac and be officially supported by Autodesk for both Apple Bootcamp and theParallels virtualized machine software.

AutoCAD 2010 on Parallels Apple Mac OSX 10.6

Autodesk Expands Options for Mac Users

“SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK), a leader in 2D and 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, and Parallels, a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software, announced that they have signed an agreement to make Parallels Desktop for Mac Autodesk's preferred Mac virtualization software.

Autodesk will now support use of AutoCAD software, AutoCAD LT software, Autodesk Inventor Professional software, Autodesk 3ds Max software, Autodesk 3ds Max Design software and the Autodesk Revit software platform for building information modeling (BIM) on Mac OS X via Parallels Desktop. Autodesk added official support for these products on the Mac via Boot Camp earlier this year.”

Shaan - both a PC and Mac user now

How do they make that?(Part 2) - Autodesk Alias

via The Gear Box am 23.09.09

Have you ever wondered how the automotive companies create the aesthetic surfaces that are on the interior and exterior of a car. Our Autodesk subject matter expert on surfacing , Nils Kremser, walks us through the creation of a interior console of a car. This is the second video in a series of seven videos. Nils takes the section data that was cut in the first video and demonstrates, using Autodesk Alias, how to create a accurate curve that will be the foundation for our surfaces for the interior console.

Attribute Utility

via Mod the Machine von Brian Ekins am 23.09.09

Working with attributes can sometimes be a bit frustrating because the only access you have to attributes is through the API.  You can’t quickly create, edit, or view an attribute without writing a program to do it.  Because of this I became a bit frustrated when working on my first program that made extensive use of attributes.  For the program to function correctly the attributes it was using all had to be correct and it was difficult to debug problems to determine if the problem was my program or the attributes it was trying to access.

For my own sanity I wrote a little utility that would let me view all of the attributes in a document.  That helped a lot but I never felt it was finished because it only allowed me to view existing attributes and I still couldn’t easily create or edit an existing attribute without writing code.  As part of the series of blog posts I’ve I’m writing aboutattributes, I’ve completely re-written the utility so that it provides full creation, edit, and viewing of attributes.  This new version of the utility is an add-in.  To use it justdownload and install the add-in and look at the readme that’s installed for instructions on how to use it.  When installing you have the option of also installing the source code, if you’re interested in the internals of how it works.  It was written using the Visual Basic language in Visual Studio 2008.

Let me know if you have suggestions or find any problems.

Draw in 3D with Inventor LT

via IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog von Mark Flayler am 23.09.09

Check out this great video from our very own Caleb Funk on the awesomeness ofInventor LT for those not needing the full Inventor Suite capabilities.  As you may or may not know Inventor LT can be purchased with AutoCAD LT as a Suite and save you a bundle!

Great Job Caleb!

SARDU – Kostenloses Multiboot-Antivirus & Notfall-Medium erstellen

via Caschys Blog von caschy am 23.09.09

Ihr kennt ähnliche Situationen sicherlich auch. Ein Bekannter war mal wieder auf dubiosen Seiten unterwegs, kann sein Windows nun nicht mehr starten und vermutet er hat sich da einen ganz bösen Virus eingefangen. Die „Eigenen Dateien“ seiner Freundin befinden sich natürlich nicht auf einer separaten Partition oder gar einer externen Festplatte, müssen aber dringend noch gerettet werden, weshalb man sein System nun nicht einfach so platt machen darf, obwohl man dies am liebsten umgehend tun würde. Also was benötigt man als ambitionierter Hobby-Admin und Retter in der Not?

Die Antwort fällt relativ leicht. Ein bootfähiges Notfall-Medium, ein so genanntes Live-System wird gebraucht. Nun gibt es diverse kostenlose Live-Systeme mit unterschiedlichstem Funktionsumfang. Von der Wiederherstellung des MBR, einem Test der Arbeitsspeicher über die Partitionierung der Festplatten oder das Zurücksetzen des Administrator-Passwortes, bis hin zum Antiviren-Scan und selbstverständlich der Datenrettung wird jeder Anwendungsfall abgedeckt.


Enthaltene Live-Systeme: Austrumi, Avira Antivir Rescue System, BartPE, Bit Defender Rescue CD, Clonezilla, Damn Small Linux, Dr.Web LiveCD, Floppy win98SE, F-Secure Rescue CD, G Data BootCD, GParted, Kaspersky Rescue CD,LiveXP, MegaLab CD, NimbleX, NT Password, Panda SafeCD, Parted Magic, Puppy Linux, Slax, SystemRescueCd, UBCD4Win, Ultimate Boot CD, VirusBlokAda Rescue CD, VistaPE

Allerdings schleppt man nicht immer gern eine ganze CD-Spindel an Live-Systemen mit sich herum. Viel angenehmer wäre es doch, all diese Tools und Systeme in einer Multiboot-Umgebung auf nur einer CD, DVD oder einem USB-Stick bei sich zu haben. Diese Erkenntnis ist nicht neu. Man findet im Netz diverse Anleitungen zum Erstellen solcher Multiboot-Medien. Aber nicht jeder hat Lust sich in die Thematik einzulesen und tagelang zu basteln. An dieser Stelle setzt das Tool SARDU an.

SARDU (Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility) nimmt Einem die Arbeit ab und erstellt mit nur wenigen Maus-Klicks aus den verschiedenen ISO’s der einzelnen Live-Systeme ein Multiboot-System. Die Anwendung von SARDU könnte leichter nicht sein. Einfach die entsprechenden ISO-Images der im Programm angegebenen Live-Systeme herunter laden (dazu klickt man auf die jeweiligen Einträge im Programm) und in den Ordner SARDU_x.x.x.x.x\ISO ablegen. Nach einem Neustart des Programms, werden die ISO-Images automatisch gefunden und zur Auswahl (siehe Kästchen) angeboten. Die Datenbanken von Avira, F-Secure und Kaspersky können direkt im Programm aktualisiert werden. Anschließend auf eine CD oder DVD gebrannt oder auf einen USB-Stick geschrieben, ist man für alle Katastrophen gerüstet und dennoch nicht immer mit dem Rucksack unterwegs ;-) .

Ein Beitrag von Ben (wir haben uns irgendwann mal im Netz kennen gelernt und sind seitdem in Kontakt. Cooler, absolut netter Typ mit ordentlich Ahnung).

Managing Items with Vault Manufacturing 2010

via Autodesk Manufacturing RSS Feed von rss@autodesk.com (autodesk) am 22.09.09


One of the significant improvements to Vault Manufacturing in 2010 is the introduction of state based document securities.  This functionality has been leveraged to manage access to files associated with Released items and introduces a new, more flexible way to manage CAD file access.

From the Tools > Administration dialog > Items tab selecting “Security” displays the Access Control List used to determine permissions for files linked to Items outside of Work-In-Process (I.e. files linked to Items in Released, For Review and Obsolete states). 

Drawing Symbols

via Garin Gardiner am 22.09.09

Just as you create blocks in AutoCAD, you can also create symbols in Inventor. One of the questions I received the other day was a way to control insertion and connection points. When you create a sketch symbol you can control not only the insertion point but also additional points to connect various symbols together.

To create a symbol head over the browser and right click on Sketch Symbols under Drawing Resources. From there you can select Define New Symbol. Now you can create the sketch geometry and text you need to define the symbol.

It may be necessary to add prompt text similar to AutoCAD or have it pull model property values such as mass properties. This can be accomplished from the text dialog and specify the type of text used.

One of the lesser used and often not realized is how you set insertion and connection points into the symbol. This will allow you to specify where the insertion point is and if you want to use various end points / center points as connector points to connect multiple symbols to each other.

Center Point:
Used to create hole centers for hole features. The Hole feature automatically selects a hole center point in a 2D sketch.

Connection Point Grip: Construction point used to help position sketch geometry

Set Insertion Point Grip: In drawing sketches, a sketch point can be used as a connection handle to snap together sketch symbols, title blocks and drawing borders.

Select a point then you can specify what type it will be by selecting the Center Point drop down in the format portion of the ribbon to see the three types. You can only have one insertion point although you can use as many connector points that will show up when inserting and dragging symbols around.

Once you have specified the insertion point and additional points as connector points, you can now save the symbol and start inserting it into your drawing.

AUGIWorld Magazin

via Inventor Vault BLOG von Daniel Stockinger am 21.09.09

Das neue AUGIWorld Magazin ist zum DOWNLOAD verfügbar.
Viel Spaß beim lesen.

AutoCAD 2010 on Microsoft Windows 7

via Between the Lines von Shaan Hurley am 21.09.09

Windows 7 Beta with AutoCAD 2009 InstalledWith the impending public release and launch of Microsoft’s latest Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 I have been receiving many emails about it and AutoCAD 2010 support. The Windows 7 Release To Manufacturing “RTM” build was made available  for download to Microsoft partners and MSDN members, but the official public date for launch is October 22, 2009. We have been testing AutoCAD 2010 on Windows 7 and will release an official product support statement after the official public launch and testing has been completed.

I have been testing AutoCAD on Windows 7 since the early betas of Windows 7 without any major issues other than faster performance and increased stability.

Things are looking good so far, what is your experience?
Any AutoCAD 2010 issues specific to Windows 7?


Controlling user access with folder security

via Autodesk MSD CAD applications tips and tricks from INCAT CAD Geeks von noreply@blogger.com (Tata Technologies CAD/PLM Geek) am 21.09.09

In companies where Vault is being used as a central repository for everyone to edit and view files, it can be easier to navigate the Vault if only the locations that are relevant to you are...
The Tata Technologies CAD geek team offers over 200 years of combined Autodesk product knowledge, with heavy focus on the Manufacturing product line. We're ready to answer your questions regarding product features, upgrading, moving to 3D, managing your product data better, and more

AutoCAD Plant 3D Released

via Between the Lines von Shaan Hurley am 21.09.09

AutoCAD Plant 3D

Autodesk is the leading cross discipline and industry software company covering a wide range from architecture to visualization including plant design. We released theAutoCAD P&ID a few years back, and now we have released our AutoCAD Plant 3D.  I am of course referring to process plants such as oil, gas, power, food processing, and chemical plants, not plants in the sense of a garden. Those that know me may know I come from a piping and process equipment background and have designed many pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and routed piping in my days so AutoCAD Plant 3D is an exiting milestone to me. They also had the coolest tee-shirts given away at Autodesk University 2008.

AU 2008 - AutoCAD Plant 3D Shirt Front AU 2008 - AutoCAD Plant 3D Shirt Back

Congratulations to Mark, Keshav, Peter, Ursula, Abel,Jeffrey,Damian, AJ, Partha, Katy, Bryan, and the many others who made this AutoCAD Plant 3D product a reality.

From the press release: “Built on the familiar AutoCAD platform, AutoCAD Plant 3D features specification-driven design and standard parts catalogs to help streamline the placement of piping, equipment, and support structures. Also included in the product is integrated AutoCAD P&ID functionality and quick generation of isometric and orthographic drawings.  The new product joins AutoCAD, AutoCAD P&ID, and Autodesk Navisworks software products in a line-up of Autodesk products built specifically for the plant design and engineering industry. “

AutoCAD Plant 3D http://www.autodesk.com/autocadplant3d

Find Out More About AutoCAD Plant 3D:


AutoCAD 2010: Lynn Allens Video Tipps zusammengefasst

via Collaboration Blog von mcdbr am 21.09.09

Hallo Zusammen,
über das Wochenende wurden einige Tipps von Lynn Allen bei der AutoCADExchange Usergroup eingestellt.
Um für Sie die Übersicht zu erleichtern habe ich auf unserm YouTube Channel (CADRelations.de) eine Playliste zusammengestellt mit diesen Tipps zu AutoCAD 2010.

Schaunen Sie mal rein vieleicht ist für Sie auch noch was Neues dabei!

Assign specific Category to Content Center files

via Cracking the Vault von Francesco Tonioni am 21.09.09

In Vault Workgroup, Collaboration or Manufacturing you would like to assign automatically a specific Category to the Inventor standard parts inserted from the content Center.

This is easily achievable if you set a Rule that assign the desired Category to files that have the property "Standards Organization(I)" set to: "is not empty":


This property is empty by default for normal ipt or iam files, but it contains the standard name (ANSI, ISO, JIS etc...) in case of content center files.

Place Open Parts Without File Browsing

via Autodesk MSD CAD applications tips and tricks from INCAT CAD Geeks von noreply@blogger.com (Tata Technologies CAD/PLM Geek) am 22.09.09

Today I just wanted to post a very simple but time saving tip. I know you really don't want to browse through dozens of folders just to find the part or assembly that is already open on your screen....
The Tata Technologies CAD geek team offers over 200 years of combined Autodesk product knowledge, with heavy focus on the Manufacturing product line. We're ready to answer your questions regarding product features, upgrading, moving to 3D, managing your product data better, and more

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