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Inventor 2010 Service Pack 3 verfügbar

Seit gestern ist der SP3 für Inventor 2010 verfügbar. Download hier.

Der Service Pack ist inkrementell, d.h. es muss erst SP1 und SP2 installiert werden, um SP3 installieren zu können. Bitte auch darauf achten, dass die korrekte Version installiert wird (32/64 Bit mit/ohne Subscription Advantage Pack). Ob der erforderliche SP2 installiert ist und ob es eine 32 oder 64 Bit Version ist, sieht man unter Hilfe > Info über Autodesk Inventor.


Wenn der Subscription Advantage Pack installiert ist, sieht man das am entsprechenden Hilfeeintrag.


Autodesk Inventor 2010 SP3 - 32-bit (msp - 36851Kb)

Autodesk Inventor 2010 SP3 - 64-bit (msp - 62261Kb)

Autodesk Inventor 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack SP3 - 32-bit (msp - 33060Kb)

Autodesk Inventor 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack SP3 - 64-bit (msp - 59070Kb)

Readme (htm - 48Kb)

Bitte, wie immer, die Readme Datei beachten!

Folgende Punkte wurden gefixt. CER steht hierbei für den “Customer Error Report”, also dem Fehlerbericht, der bei einem Absturz an Autodesk geschickt werden kann. Man sieht also, dass das Abschicken des Berichts tatsächlich was bringt ;)

    Autodesk Inventor Professional 2010

      Dynamic Simulation

        • CER: Crash can occur if you open a sub-assembly and then close assemblies in the Dynamic Simulation environment without saving.
        • CER: Crash can occur when you select multiple objects in the graphics window in the Dynamic Simulation environment on Windows XP.
        • On Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit systems, a crash can occur when you edit a joint and then uncheck Automatically Convert Constraints to Standard Joints in the Simulation Settings.
        • CER: Crash can occur when you select the context command Visibility for a welded group with components suppressed.
        • The variable which is defined based on Time is not recognized in Dynamic Simulation when opening the dataset in another language version of Inventor.


      Stress Analysis

        • NG: The Stress Analysis solver sometimes does not respond when solving a dataset with more than 35 loads.
        • In some cases, a crash occurs when you switch the design objective from parametric dimension to single point.
        • CER: Crash can occur when double-clicking a load glyph with the Animation dialog open.
        • NG: Several Automatic Contact issues using assembly weldments are resolved.
        • NG: Several Internal Solver Error issues are resolved.
        • Several meshing issues are resolved.


      Tube & Pipe

        • NG: The original axis and center point cannot be used as the authored connection axis and connection direction points.
        • CER: Crash occurs when creating a new Tube & Pipe style applied to a customized tube with special material parameters.


    Autodesk Inventor 2010


        • CreateCustomMember does not overwrite the existing member file.
        • A feature is unstable when editing if it is created with a profile that is selected in an interaction event.
        • DrawingCurve.ModelGeometry returns no geometry in a section drawing view.
        • AddByProjectingEntity does not project assembly sketch geometries to the sketch proxy of the occurrence.
        • CER: With SurfaceGraphics in InteractionGraphics, calling GraphicsNode.Copy causes an error to occur.


      Assembly Modeling

        • An assembly constraint on a thickened face cannot be created or updated.
        • The Table Replace option is not available for a custom iPart in the iAssembly Author.
        • Author, Designer, and Design Status iProperties in member files do not stay in sync with the factory.
        • An Angle constraint changes design intent when switching to a different positional representation in a migrated assembly.
        • CER: Crash occurs when creating a view for an assembly in a presentation file when the part file name is changed.


      Content Center

        • Auto thread mapping information is lost when launching the publish wizard from DACC Component Authoring.
        • There is no UL in the units list for parameters when you create a new category.
        • Unable to log out in network environments due to a path change of the default Content Center Cache folders.
        • When the option Refresh out-of-date standard parts during placement is on, the actions in the Content Center Editor make the previously instanced part out of date, regardless of whether the actions change the previous instanced part.


      Drawing Manager

        • The arrowhead of a balloon jumps when placed on a spline.
        • When unselecting the Include option for the mirrored work plane created in modeling, the work plane disappears in the browser.
        • A table containing text or numerical information does not clear when using it as template.
        • CER: A crash occurs when exporting a PDF for an offline drawing file.
        • CER: A crash occurs when selecting an educational version assembly file in the Parts List dialog box.
        • A shaded view does not plot correctly in AutoCAD, and you cannot make the graphics smooth.
        • An AutoCAD block is improperly scaled when a DWG is used as a template.
        • Degenerated splines cannot be shown when Inventor DWG is opened in AutoCAD.



        • A Shrinkwrap part with derived Composite body or Surface body features fails to publish to DWF/DWFx.
        • Performance is slow when publishing a part or assembly with multiple features to DWF/DWFx.
        • Measurement results are not correct for out of view areas in published DWF/DWFx.
        • Curves are generated incorrectly when publishing some drawings to PDF.
        • Out of viewport text objects are visible and compressed when publishing to PDF.
        • Several custom cross hatches provided by Inventor are lost after exporting to AutoCAD.
        • Copies of unlinked embedded images in an Inventor file are created to the DWGout file location when exporting to AutoCAD.



        • Adding Symbols in a drawing causes the view to Zoom All.
        • The line weight of the Stamping and Marking symbols is not correct in the view.
        • The sheet number is shown when the drawing has only one sheet.



        • CER: Crash occurs when selecting commands from the floating ribbon panel during Inventor startup.
        • NG: Inventor attempts to open the last used file when switching projects.
        • CER: 32-bit host error occasionally occurs when opening files.
        • CER: Crash occurs when opening multiple files using the Shell command.
        • CER: Crash occurs in Design Assistant 2010 when modifying an Inventor file created using Inventor 2011 or later.
        • CER: Crash occurs when editing a missing file which was moved, renamed, or deleted.
        • CER: Crash occurs when opening a corrupt assembly with skip all missing files.
        • CER: Crash occurs when placing a corrupt part file into assembly.
        • Replacing the unresolved Frame Reference Model component fails in the assembly when the related file has been moved, renamed or deleted.
        • Creation Date property changes when copying the drawing file using the Design Assistant.



        • Crash occurs when activating iAssembly members with Direct3D graphics hardware.


      Part Modeling

        • CER: Crash occurs when extruding an open profile to a new solid.
        • CER: If some components in a target assembly have been deleted from disk, a crash occurs when recreating the existing target assembly using Make Component.
        • CER: NG: Crash occurs after picking a centerline as the direction when performing a move face operation in the Flat Pattern environment.
        • CER: Crash occurs when breaking the link with the base component in a derived part.
        • NG: Clearance hole is created with the wrong countersink diameter after creating two size #4 holes.
        • CER: Crash occurs after changing the pattern parameter and performing a Rebuild All.
        • An extrusion fails after performing a Rebuild All on a part created in Inventor 2008.
        • Mass properties do not update after editing the parameter of a Loft feature.
        • An extrusion on a derived sketch does not update after adding a fillet on a chamfer in the source sketch.
        • An incorrect work axis is generated when created by referencing a 3D project point from 2 intersecting curves.
        • CER: Crash occurs when opening a part that includes an ellipse sketch.
        • Using Windows 7, .xls files cannot be linked when inserting objects.
        • CER: Crash occurs when dragging the End of Part node to the position below a rib feature.
        • CER: Crash occurs when selecting Show Dimensions from the Hole Edit dialog box.
        • CER: Crash may occur after updating a derived part.
        • The normal direction of surfaces imported from a Catia File is not correct.
        • CER: Crash occurs when unsuppressing a Face Fillet after the dependent geometry is deleted.
        • CER: Crash occurs when using drag and drop to edit a line on a sick sketch.
        • CER: Crash occurs when selecting Finish Sketch deleting a line that is split.
        • CER: Crash occurs when selecting geometry while editing a sketch.
        • Poor performance can occur if you pattern a multi solid body part.
        • CER: Crash occurs when migrating a part file created using Inventor 8 SP1.
        • CER: Crash occurs when changing the offset of a workplane, then updating the model.
        • CER: Crash occurs when computing the projected sketch after the dependent body is deleted.
        • CER: Crash occurs when editing an extrude feature that terminates to a work plane.


      Sheet Metal

        • CER: Crash occurs when using files that are accidentally saved in flat pattern mode.



        • CER: Crash occurs when you add a 3D tangent constraint between a line and an arc on a specific dataset.
        • CER: Crash occurs when dragging and dropping a line in a sick sketch.
        • Fully constrained sketch blocks appear with the unconstrained geometry color after exiting a sketch.



        • CER: Crash can occur when reading corrupt Parasolid files.
        • CER: Crash can occur when reading STEP files.
        • CER: Crash can occur when saving Inventor assemblies as STEP files.
        • Inventor fails to read some STEP files with specific schemas.
        • No bodies read when translating STEP files.
        • Crash can occur when reading IGES files.
        • Translation fails when reading NX5.0.3.2 and NX5.0.6.3 files.
        • There can be missing holes caused by a spline when reading some Catia V5 files.
        • No bodies read when translating some JT files.
        • Unknown unit and scale information in a JT file does not import correctly.
        • Translate, Save As, and Open commands for Mechanical Desktop linked parts are not available in the context menu.



        • Crash occurs when you check in a file to the Vault after suppressing and saving components.
        • Crash occurs when you edit a complex derived assembly.
        • Get Latest Properties does not work after migrating from Inventor 2009 with duplicate property mapping.

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