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Autodesk Vault 2018.1 Update verfügbar

Die Aktualisierung ist wie immer über die Desktop-App oder den Autodesk Account verfügbar. Allgemeine Infos zu Updates, Service Packs und Hotfixes, z.B. wie man rausfinden kann, welches Update aktuell installiert ist.



Auszug aus der Readme:

  • Copy Design:
    • Copy operation, results in successful copy of some files and fails for other files where duplicate file names are found. The file name uniquness check should be done before the Copy action starts.
    • Some models would fail during the 'Gathering Relationships' phase of the Copy Design process.
    • Copy action fails when duplicate File Names are found when, user has more related drawings of the main file.
  • Update to a licensing patch that address the crash for single subscription user after more than 24 hours since the last successful authorization check.
  • Vault dialogs do not appear when switching from two monitors to one.
  • Under some circumstances, the Print Change Order Summary would display incorrect information.
  • DWG is selected in BatchPlot even a latest DWF is created to that drawing.
  • Performance enhancement for Job Processor DWF creation on IDWs with references to a large number of assemblies.
  • 'Incorrect Version - Refresh the File' status after using 'Insert into CAD' command from Vault Explorer.
  • Some User Defined Properties would fail on creation when someone else was performing a search operation.
  • Workflows in Revit would result in files not being removed from the uploads folder.
  • When an ADMS instance with Revit Server installed is utilizing a remote SQL instance, the Revit Indexing Service would fail with the message, "Unable to initialize the Dynamo Helper Service. Make sure the Revit Core Engine integration is installed."
  • Wrong error message during Change State in file replication.
  • Item category name not displayed in the Item create/update dialog box.
  • If Inventor Date property value is empty, 'Update properties' updates the value from empty to an incorrect date.
  • Inventor exits incorrectly when closing a iPart file which is checked in with 'KeepCheckedOut' option.
  • Batch Plot command exits if Print Spooler service is stopped.
  • Vault Export Configuration fails when PDF creation is enabled for Vault.
  • Resolved a plotting issue when printing the DWF of a DWG on a folder with special localized characters.
  • Make Queue Update at Preview tab sticky after Vault client is reopened.


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