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Service Pack 2 für Vault 2012 und Service Pack 1 für Vault 2013 verfügbar

imageAutodesk Service Packs für Vault 2012 und 2013 veröffentlicht.

Vault 2013 SP1, Readme Vault 2013 SP1

Vault 2012 SP2, Readme Vault 2012 SP2

Für die Installation unbedingt die Schritte in der Readme-Datei beachten!



Auszug aus der Readme zum SP1 für Vault 2013:

Known Issues Resolved

· Modified the DeleteFileVersions API call to return results for all the files that are passed into it and not just the ones that were purged.

· Unexpected exit when selecting Refresh command at Change Category dialog in CAD add-ins.

· An unnecessary warning when moving an external reference dwg file or renaming the folder.

· Improve the view at Bill of Materials tab during Add New Row with multiple items.

· IIS might reset if many users check in AutoCAD files from different clients at the same time.

· Full Content Search does not work for AutoCAD dwg file in 32 bit server OS.

· File already exists error message comes for vaulted files during Check-in.

· Placing an iPart in an assembly takes longer time when logged into Vault.

· Related file cannot be opened from Show Details command after purging older versions of the related files.

· Library files are dirtied in an assembly if they are checked in using a separate project file.

· Performance issue in Vault Explorer when using SSL connection.

· Flickering in Open from Vault window while filtering the file types.

· Updated the restriction dialog box for Batch Plot to match the other restriction dialogs in the product.

· Properties update between Item and Inventor DWG.

· Vault will not migrate properly if the extensions are greater than 32 characters.

· Files are not visible in the main grid when .NET 4.5 is installed.

· Multiple users simultaneously adding multiple DWGs to a Vault resulted in a time out during the upload.

· Unexpected exit of Autoloader when using Inventor 2012 to perform the loading on a 64-bit machine.

· Revision table is not updated when the job is processed via Job Processor.

· Clicking on an html link to a file in Vault, the server and vault name are now getting correctly set.

· Effectivity could not be set on a Change Order if the Item and Change Order Description property was set to require a value.

· When performing an Item Update on an AutoCAD Electrical project Item produced using copy design, the BOM quantities may all change to the value 1.

· Using Purge from Vault Explorer, historical versions of a file cannot be purged if the tip is in Released lifecycle state.

· In a Connected Workgroups environment, Purge cannot be performed from Vault Explorer without Administrative Ownership.

· When using Google Chrome to access the Web Client, File and Item grids are not displayed.

· Multiple Web Clients accessing a server with multiple vaults may have mixed results.

· When logged in with Windows authentication clicking on a file link occasionally resulted in the error, "An unexpected error has occurred".

· With an appropriate Autodesk Data Management Server and Vault Office 2013 installed, attempting to authenticate using the web client and Windows authentication would fail with a 'ERRMESSAGE_319' message.

· Selecting Help from a Vault 2013 client resolves to an English help web site instead of the language of the localized version.

· Reduction in the occurrence of out of memory conditions by correcting a memory leak.

· Solves a performance issue when browsing Vault contents in Vault Basic Explorer and Vault Add-Ins.

· Performing a Vault check out and subsequent check in from Inventor previously required that the workstation machine name matches.

· Attempting to view the properties on a folder resulted in a dialog with the message "The server is not configured to use that feature".

· Vault Explorer displayed an incorrect error dialog during the 'Update Lifecycle' command when restrictions are set by a web service command extension.

· When trying to update a file's properties using the IExplorerUtil's object during a custom job handler, the first job that is run would succeed but all subsequent jobs would fail until the Job Processor was restarted.

· When using a custom numbering scheme using Free text, Vault export may fail with the message "An error occurred when applying configuration".

· This Service Pack is needed prior to using the Vault Data Transfer Utility to properly determine the tip consumable document revision.

· When using a custom numbering scheme using a Pre-defined list, Vault export may fail with the message "An error occurred when applying configuration".

· The tip consumable document revision was not being updated when performing workflows that affect historical document revisions.

· Vault log in issue where a password is retained even when 'Automatically log in next session' is not checked.

· Reduction in the occurrence of out of memory conditions by correcting a memory leak.

· Migration issue resulting in the message “Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dboFileResource' with unique index 'IX_FileResource_1”.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor especially frequent when checking in files.

· CER: Unexpected exit when the login dialog server list contained a blank entry.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor during Undo operation when immediately invoked after Opening a file.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor when Refreshing a Non Vaulted file from Model Browser.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor while Opening an IDW after closing the same IDW which was Opened using Show Details command.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor after selecting a Part in Vault Browser then deleting that Part in other file.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor when placing iPart file with invalid member name from Vault.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor when Checking out multiple files using Open From Vault.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor after Opening and Closing multiple files.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor when the Inventor main window is not set as Parent to any Vault Prompt that appears during opening a file.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor When Undo and Redo after file has been Opened.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor when undoing a mirror operation.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor while saving the file in Library's Subfolder.

· CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor when trying to unsuppress a component.

· Check-in from a machine which is different from the check-out machine. To enable that do the following changes

o For Autodesk Inventor, edit the File “C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Inventor 2013 Vault Addin\ApplicationPreferences.xml” and add the following


<Property Name="IgnoreCheckInMachineNameValidation" Value="True" />


o For Autodesk Vault Client, edit the File “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Vault Professional 2013\Explorer\Connectivity.VaultPro.exe.config” and add the following under <appsettings>

<add key="IgnoreCheckInMachineNameValidation" value="True"/>

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