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Update 1 für Inventor 2014 verfügbar

imageDie erste Fehlerbereinigung in Form des Update 1 für Inventor 2014 ist verfügbar. Es ist ein sog. Update und noch kein Service Pack. Mehr zum Unterschied zwischen Update und Service Pack hier.

Auszug aus der Readme:

  • Many duplicate occurrences shown in browser of IPN's following assembly demote/promote

  • Create New dialog does not remember the size and order of column in details view

  • Mass property is not available after migration

  • Min and Max values for Hole patching are not stored

  • View remains raster after selecting Precise view

  • iFeature insert dialog will show "Create Package" instead of the description of the iFeature

  • Copying a material in the category will corrupt that material from the library

  • Unable to change icon of existing custom category in Content Center Library

  • Adding a material will flag existing file as out of date and unnecessarily replace/update appearances

  • Weldment iAssemblies still looking for the obsolete "Use as Weldment Material" setting

  • Highlight effect when mouse hover on geometry is not as good as full mode when create Dimension/Baseline/Ordinate annotation in Raster View

  • GraphicsNode.RenderStyle has no effect on the graphics entity

  • The translator addin imports the DWG into sketch with wrong units if custom units specified

  • Legacy Section View displays incorrect line

  • Title block incorrectly displayed on Zoom when multiple files opened

  • Decreased performance when selecting all assets

  • Decreased performance when select Derive menu Other Tab

  • Slow shut down of InventorViewCompute.exe even after Inventor main window closes

  • Unexpected exit when make all views raster and make all views precise

  • Unexpected exit when switching to Full from Express mode

  • Unexpected exit when click adjust with customized project setting

  • Unexpected exit when rotating large assembly

  • Unexpected exit when dragging materials in user library

  • Unexpected exit when Load Express

  • Unexpected exit when starting Inventor from Factory Design Suite

  • Unexpected exit due to Non-transacted AddTriangleGraphics

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