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Maximale Anzahl der iPartvarianten

Wie viele Varianten darf ein iPart enthalten? Die Antwort hat Bob Van der Donck vom Autodesk Support.

We have the following limitation for our Excel table, which is close to what Microsoft itself allows in an Excel sheet: the maximum number of  rows and columns in a single sheet is 65000 rows x 255 columns.
So theoretically the max. number of iPart members you can create is  65000. […]

When more than 1000 members are defined in the iPart AND at least one key column exists in the table,  we no longer show the members in the browser to avoid excessive time needed to repaint the browser

Inventor 1000 rows

iPart with <= 1000 members

Inventor 1001 rows

iPart with > 1000 members

There is a hidden registry hack that allows you to show more than 1000 rows though.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Close inventor.

2.Start regedit from the Start menu.
3. For Inventor 2011, add following 32 bit DWORD called “MaxRowInBrowser” in registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\Inventor\RegistryVersion15.0\System\Preferences\Catalog]

For example, give “MaxRowInBrowser” a value of 1500 if you want to see 1500 rows.
Replace string"15.0" with "14.0" if you are using Inventor 2010.

4.Open the iPart file.
5.Edit the iPart table in Inventor and write down on a piece of paper what your key columns are.

6.Temporarily remove the key columns in your table. You will see the browser being populated with your members.

7. Edit the table again and restore your key columns.

8 In the browser context menu change to "List by keys" or "List by members" depending on your preference.

A strange case of iPart claustrophobia in Excel

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