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Inventor Publisher 2012 Addin aus den Autodesk Labs: Publish to Social

Es gibt in den Autodesk Labs ein neues Add in für den Inventor Publisher, das es u.a. erlaubt, Videos auf Facebook und Youtube zu sharen.

  • Capability to publish animated technical documentation directly to your personal or company YouTube and Facebook sites from within Inventor Publisher.

  • A new Publish Wizard that allows you to:

    • Control the settings in different video formats that you would like to publish to Facebook or YouTube or to your desktop.

    • Use default presets or create custom presets with your preferred settings, so that you can quickly publish in your most commonly used formats, including:

      • 3D Interactive mobile
      • 2D or 3D PDF
      • 3D DWF
      • Animated video
      • Image
      • Vector
      • Word
      • PPT

      There are a variety of formats.

    • Dynamically explore different formats between Print, Movie and Interactive groups to Publish from the same source document. Author once and publish many different types of formats from that authored file.

    • Save time by leveraging recently used Publish Presets, and retaining YouTube and Facebook logins destinations for publishing multiple instruction documents.


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