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Welche Hardware für Inventor?

Welche Hardware soll ich für Inventor kaufen? Autodesk hat eine Liste zertifizierter Workstations für Inventor und ein paar Tipps.

What to look for when configuring a workstation:

  • Memory: Plan for expansion and purchase as much RAM as you can afford.
  • CPU Speed: Fast is better. If you are constrained by a budget, a slower CPU with more memory will give better overall performance. The size and speed of the on-board instruction cache (L2) do impact Inventor's performance. The bigger the better. Some new CPU's can dynamically give more of the cache to the busy processor.
  • CPU and Operating System: Autodesk strongly recommends 64-bit CPUs and operating systems for Inventor.
  • Hard Drives: Big and fast is best, plan for expansion. Serial ATA in a Stripped RAID 0 configuration is a good cost performance compromise. Start with one drive, add more drives if you need more speed or space. Since all drives must be identical, make the first drive the fastest performance (RPM, transfer rate, and seek time) that you can afford. Note that the best drives also come with a longer warranty (usually 5 years).
  • Graphics Card: Select a Certified card from this site. Look at the cards memory footprint as well as its performance and cost. Some cards may grab a lot of memory up front and use very little for additional windows at the same time. Others may use very little up front, but use more for each additional window opened. Cards with larger memory, may use more main memory when a large number of windows are opened.
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