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Update 1 für Inventor 2015 verfügbar

Das Update 1 für Inventor 2015 ist verfügbar.

Auszug aus der Readme:

  • 1511-131: Workplane display prevents view at half section of assembly

  • 1356-879: ACAD DWG with 3D entities with units in meters will be imported into Inventor in millimeters

  • 1516-744: After shrinkwrap composite surface disappear and editing of derived assembly cause change of the composit to solid

  • 1515-420: Cut normal fails on a contour flange with two adjacent bends

  • 1515-741: Failure to create tangent constrain for Interpolation Spline

  • 1517-216: FreeForm edit change not recognized as a model change

  • 1503-797: Inventor HSM doesn't support Redo cases

  • 1517-320: OpenSSL Heartbleed security vulnerability

  • 1517-033: Section view of assembly containing Content Center parts gives incorrect result

  • 1512-957: Unable to constrain when changing the dimension

  • 1368-705: When the background color is changed, it becomes difficult to see the dimension text

  • 1510-315: Unexpected exit during move item with Tube and Pipe items attached due to Bolted Connection

  • 1517-158: Unexpected exit during sketch contraint

  • 1517-042: Unexpected exit if calling FindUsingVector API in OnPreSelect event handler if in Assembly file

  • 1515-915: Unexpected exit when opening certain files with stored VBA code or when attempting to open the VBA editor within Inventor

  • 1515-841: Unexpected exit on Cut Normal on a sheet metal part with contour flange and contour roll

  • 1516-155: Unexpected exit saving drawing standard with imported materials in hatch pattern defaults

  • 1516-460: Unexpected exit when attach the incorrect point cloud model

  • 1515-447: Unexpected exit when attempting to edit a sick sweep

  • 1515-205: Unexpected exit when copy and paste Workplane

  • 1510-709: Unexpected exit when editing hole

  • 1516-366: Unexpected exit when enter Frame Analysis environment after Insert Frame

  • 1515-464: Unexpected exit when import the style (with matrial changed) which was previously exported

  • 1515-747: Unexpected exit when open a drawing

  • 1505-565: Unexpected exit when retrieving dimension

  • 1515-073: Unexpected exit when saving as dwg file

  • 1515-879: Unexpected exit when the user switches to LOD with missing reference file on forward creating derive assembly

  • 1516-447: Unexpected exit after undo and delete moved component

  • Multiple general stability enhancements

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