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Update 2 für Inventor 2013 mit Service Pack 1.1 verfügbar

imageAutodesk hat das Update 2 für Inventor 2013 veröffentlicht. Das Update 2 enthält alle Änderungen des Update 1 und setzt den Service Pack 1.1 voraus.

Auszug aus der Readme-Datei:

  • iLogic Design Copy not working after installing .NET Framework 4.5

  • API queries not working for some surface types

  • Error message when saving result in Extract iFeature dialog

  • Reduced performance when working in presentation with duplicate browser entries

  • Unsupported options listed in Make component dialog

  • CER: Unexpected exit when editing a material library

  • CER: Unexpected exit when editing pipe components

  • CER: Stability enhancements

  • Auszug aus der Readme-Datei zum Update 1:

  • Custom Content Center parts do not migrate correctly to 2013

  • Mass and Density values are not updated in Drawing when the part material is changed using the dropdown menu on the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Simulation containing midsurfaces/offsets is corrupting iAssemblies

  • Inventor Optimization 2013 Required Update

  • Restructured derived assemblies (promote/demote) can never be brought up to date

  • BIM Exchange export not exporting textures correct & texture missing when opening DWG files exported by Inventor

  • The “Create New File” dialog takes a long time to appear when the template folder is on a network UNC path

  • Reduced performance when editing derived assemblies

  • Shaded View is not being maintained

  • Corrupted tube and pipe style after migration

  • 3D-Contact Joints generate high-resolution output time steps that are undesired when running through the Dynamic Simulation API

  • Inventor 2013 slow on updating legacy drawings and assemblies

  • Assembly file dirty issue when placing files from a Library folder in Vault

  • Instability after installing .Net 4.5

  • CER: Unexpected exit when after on Save after updating an assembly in Stress Analysis Environment

  • CER: Stability enhancements

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