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Inventor 2013 Update 6 verfügbar

Für den Inventor 2013 ist das Update 6 verfügbar. Im Update 6 sind die Updates 1-5 enthalten.

Auszug aus der Readme zum Update 6:

  • 1471-513: VBA DrawingCurves(ComponentOccurrence) method fails on specific drawing view

  • 1518-199: The setting of template for assembly in make component configuration is not retained

  • 1518-155: Select a point of sketch is disabled after edit the sketch

  • 1517-471: Moment of Inertia is calculated to negative value

  • 1518-347: Unable to add features to data after opening and closing multiple times in the same session

  • 1518-402: Updating drawing corrupts section view

  • 1420-905: Incorrect Master Mass is calculated when generating Shrinkwrap

  • 1517-349: Unexpected exit updating second derived part after deleting the geometry in sketch block within the base part

  • 1507-142: Unexpected exit in XLayerExternalResolver::ResolveFile() when running VBA

  • 1518-794: Unexpected exit when working with part in non-English version after installing Update3

  • 1480-054: Unexpected exit after IKM Import and dragging part

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